yo my name is aki.

i'm 21 years old and i'm a bunny. i like a lot of things so my blog content varies. i am also a sarcastic asshole so just tell me if anything i say to u makes you uncomfortable and i'll stop i promise.

actually i lied im really big into fire emblem: awakening atm (especially henry) so i turned into a henry blog. only follow me if you want henry. i dont give a frick frack about anything else.

though honestly if you need shit tagged tell me. i try to tag my blood and gore-y stuff (because WARNING THERE IS BLOOD AND GORE-Y STUFF TO BE FOUND HERE there is your warning) but yeah dont be afraid to hit me up about specific things you need tagged or something.

im a really boring blog why are you here if you're not one of my friends. • Ask me anything
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